Invitation Congrès ISPCAN 2022

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Context, manifestations, and epidemiology of child maltreatment

  • Studies and discussions regarding the dynamics and epidemiology of all types of child maltreatment

The intersection of technology and child maltreatment

  • Studies and presentations regarding online child sexual exploitation, sexting and sextortion, and cyber bullying

Child protection systems: Protection services, policy and legislation

  • Focus on child protection systems and the implementation and impact of child protection policies and legislation

Innovative practices for specific frontline professionals, challenges, collaborative principles and inter-sectoral practices

  • Including (but not limited to) educators, child protective/social service workers, law enforcement, victim advocates, and medical and mental health professionals

Evidence-based and promising practices within the field of child maltreatment

  • Outcome studies evaluating the impact of programs and practices; presentations describing the implementation of an evidence-based practice or program; and comprehensive reviews of the evidence base supporting specific practices

Child protection in an era of COVID-19 and climate change

  • Focus on the impact of COVID-19 and climate change on children and families; the impact of the pandemic and climate change on the child protection workforce; or on innovations in technology to be used in prevention and treatment during the pandemic

Systemic racism, bias/discrimination, and marginalized communities

  • Studies and discussions regarding the manifestations and impact of systemic racism, bias, and discrimination within the field of child maltreatment, and strategies to promote equity, inclusion and diversity


Congrès IPSCAN 2022
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